Upcoming Reiki Practitioner Trainings

Our Reiki shares are open to all Reiki practitiners.Come share in the healing energy of Reiki with fellow healers. Includes a guided meditation and Reiki share where everyone gives and everyone receives Reiki.

Next share to be announced


Please call  to RSVP

732 597-1659


Reiki  I Training

Open to all with the desire to heal themselves and aid others in their healing.

Training includes:

Two attunements

  • The history, purposes, benefits and use of Reiki

  • Receiving two First Degree Reiki attunements

  • Learn the chakra system  and its importance

  • Complete instructions for a full session given to another person 

  • Instruction for a chair Reiki session

  • Self-Reiki hand positions

  • Working with the Reiki energy in an exchange with other students and teacher

  • Instructional manual

  • First Degree Reiki certificate


$50.00 deposit required


Reiki II Training

Advance to the next level of Reiki increasing energy flow and vibration. Learn three Reiki symbols with specific usage to increase healing and the Reiki energy. Learn how to perform distance healing. Class includes instructional manual and certificate. Open to all level I Reiki practitioners and Level II practitioners as a review.

Two attunements

•How to integrate Reiki symbols into your sessions to enhance and focus the healing energy

•Three symbols with specific usage to enhance healing and the Reiki energy

•How to break up energy blockages

•How to perform a Spinal Clearing

•How to scan and beam Reiki & perform a Reiki Shower

•How to perform distant healing

•How to protect and clear you, your client and your space

•Instructional manua l&Certificate

Pre~registration required

$200.00 $50.00 deposit




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Reiki Level II Training

Saturday August 28

10-5 pm

$50.00 non-refundable deposit by 8/26

Space is limited 

Call 732 597-1659 to register

Reiki III Advanced Reiki
Advanced  Reiki increasing energy flow and vibration.

Two Master Attunements with Tibetan & Usui Master symbols

  • Master symbol & instructions on how to use it

  • Complete instruction on how to create a Reiki Grid

  • How to use the ancient and  powerful Antahkarana symbol to enhance and direct Reiki energy

  • Using crystals in healing

  • How to perform Psychic Surgery

  • Specialized techniques for pre-operative and post-operative clients

Class includes instructional manual and certificate.
Open to all level II Reiki practitioners and Master  practitioners .
Pre~registration required

Cost: $325.00
$50.00 deposit



Reiki Master/Teacher

Practitioners Training

Open to all Reiki Level II and

Advanced Reiki Practitioners

Training includes:

  • Two attunements

  • Discussion on becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher, the ethics and becoming a role model for other students

  • Ability to teach others how to perform Reiki

  • Reiki Master symbols, their meanings and usage

  • Thorough and detailed instructions on how  to perform a self-attunement, healing attunement and student attunements for each level of Reiki training -- Reiki I, Reiki II, Advanced Reiki Training and Reiki Master/Teacher

  • Practice to ensure you understand the  attunement process well.

  • Manual, including Reiki I, Reiki II, and Reiki Master/Teacher text

  • Certificate

 Cost: $600.00 

$100.00 non-refundable deposit



 @  PLHH

 with Master/Teacher

Dawn Usha DeMarco

Reiki  for Children 


Everyone has the ability to perform Reiki healing and anyone can learn it.It is ideal for children because in the process of learning Reiki, they learn about themselves; their physical body, their mind, their emotions and spirit and recognize their true nature or self and their connection to the universal life force,,which is universal love. The self-empowerment that comes from being proactive in healing themselves and maintaining their health, is a lifelong gift that is invaluable.

Class is open to children from 10-18 years old. (maybe appropriate for younger children call Dawn at 732-596-1659 to inquire)
Two level I Reiki Attunements will be given.
Course manual included
Cost: $108 for Child Only and $150 for Child with Parent
Class facilitated by:
Dawn Usha DeMarco
Reiki Master/Teachers

Dates to be announced