Ayurvedic Offerings




Consultation :

Fees: Initial Consult: $125. (1.25 hrs)

Follow-ups: $75. (1 hr)   

Package deal:  Schedule initial consult, and a one-hr follow-up 4-6 weeks later, and receive both for $175. 



What to expect at an initial consultation?  During the first meeting your current state of being will be establish and a clear understanding of your individual needs will be determined. We will determine your Prakriti (constitutional make up) and Vikriti (present state of imbalance). Based on this determination diet and lifestyle suggestions will be offered to restore balance or maintain health.

An individualized treatment plan will be created based on which dosha(s) may be aggravated or depleted.

Some of the following modalities may be used in an individual treatment plan:

Dietary changes. Body work

Herbal formulas, Yoga Postures

Meditation, Breathing exercises
Seasonal Routines, Cleansing Routines.

Initially you may find it helpful to meet about once per month, or on a seasonal basis, depending on changes in health, lifestyle, relationships, etc. 


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