Yoga, Ayurveda & Reiki  Workshops and Education:

Fall Renewal Cleanse

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Personalized Cleanse 

Fit to meet your current needs

Simplified 3-day

Reset and detox

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14 day Seasonal

Classic Ayurvedic in home cleanse

This is a personalized cleanse that will be a one on one guided cleanse. Cleanse will include all herbs, teas and oils needed for cleanse along with cleanse protocol.

Simplified 3 Day Home Cleanse

Includes Cleanse Protocol Herbs, Teas and Oils

14 day Guided Seasonal 

Home  Cleanse
Included in Cleanse Package is complete cleanse guide
Pre and Post Cleanse Guide
Oils ,herbs and teas
Cleanse begins Monday April 5th

Yoga to Promote Optimal Health, Skeletal "Ease",  Continuing Education Weekend 


Yoga to Promote Optimal Health

Yoga Teacher Continuing Education Courses


Dawn Usha De Marco and Maria Sudasi Di Santi


The Yoga Loft, Farmingdale, NJ


Yoga to promote Optimal Health is broken up into 4 weekends.

Each weekend can be taken individually or as a 4 weekend series.


 1st Weekend

Date to be announced 

12:00 pm to 6:00 pm


Skeletal “Ease”

Related to Spine (back) & Joints (Shoulders, Wrists, Hips, Knees, Ankles)


 During this weekend learn and explore how to apply the following principles in creating a class environment that benefits your students.

* Asana  *  Pranayama  *  Koshas  *  Chakras  *  Ayerveda (Doshas)  *  Gunas

If you want to be:

  1. Safe and supportive of your students’ needs

  2. More knowledgeable & confident in helping students’ with specific challenges

  3. Able to work one on one with student’s special needs

  4. Able to learn how to use props as tools supporting  “Skeletal Ease”

  5. Confident in verbalizing cues and adjusting students to promote proper aliment and ease in their practice


What you will gain from this “Skeletal Ease” Training:

  1. Knowledge about  injuries and dysfunctions of the Skeletal System and how to accommodate that population

  2. Better understanding of the skeletal system, specifically the spine, and joints.

  3. The ability to create an asana class for those with specific “Skeletal Dis Ease”

  4. Confidence working with a mixed population of students in open level class

  5. Greater understanding of specific yoga principles (ex: pranayama, koshas, chakras)

  6. The ability to create an individual program for a student with joint or spine issues.

  7. Be able to work with people with joint replacements

  8. 24 Yoga Alliance CEUs


Yoga to Promote Optimal Health will be broken up into 4 weekends focusing on each of these topics

  1. Skeletal (October 9-11)

  2. Auto Immune (to be announced)

  3. Respiratory & Digestion (to be announced)

  4. Mental (Anxiety & Depression) (to be announced)


Register two weeks prior to start date.


after $410.00


* There will be a minimum of 5 people required for  class to run.